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Driver CPC Courses

The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (also known as Driver CPC or DCPC is a mandatory qualification held by professional lorry, bus and coach drivers. 

Drivers must complete 35 hours of training every 5 years before the expiry of their existing card. These 35 hours are made up by choosing and attending 5 x 7hr DCPC courses . Each course comprises of  2 x 3.5hr modules per DCPC course.

Drivers' Hours Regulations


This module explores the rules and regulations relating to Drivers' Hours and Working Time Regulations affecting mobile workers

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The Professional Driver


This module looks into common workplace and driver-related issues that affect all professional drivers

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Health and Safety


During this module, drivers will learn about workplace health and safety in the context of their daily work

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Haulage Operations: Compliance & Enforcement


This module provides drivers with an insight into a range of operator compliance issues affecting haulage operations.

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Haulage Operations: Road Freight Compliance


This module looks into common regulations and documentary requirements affecting domestic and international road freight transport

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Load Safety: Regulations & Enforcement


During this module, drivers will explore safety considerations and regulations concerning load safety in road freight haulage

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Analogue and Digital Tachographs


This module provides drivers with an introduction to analogue and digital tachograph usage as well as the regulations that govern their usage

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Emergency Actions


This module explores potential everyday emergency situations that the professional goods vehicle driver might encounter and ways in which the risk can be minimised

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Vehicle Systems


This module provides and overview of the various components and systems found on the modern large goods vehicle

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This module explores factors relating to LGV fuel consumption and provides drivers with an insight into safe and fuel efficient driving techniques

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On the Road


Throughout this module, drivers will look into common safety and regulatory issues related to driving a large goods vehicle on the public highway

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Mental Health


Throughout this module, drivers will explore an array of mental health issues, what causes them, and how they can seek help

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Manual Handling in Transportation


This module explores manual handling and the relevant safety considerations that comes with this high risk activity.

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Safer Urban Driving


 This course focuses on driving in London in a way that lowers the risk to vulnerable road users, including cyclists.

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Drivers Awareness of First Aid


In this module drivers will learn what actions to carry out in the event of a first aid emergency situation including basic life saving skills.

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